If you’re looking for the ultimate hunting experience you have found it here at DEA Ranch. The diverse selection of wildlife will create a lasting impression and make you the envy of your family and friends. For the discriminating Whitetail, Elk or Exotic hunter DEA Ranch is a virtual paradise. We specialize in Whitetail, Exotic, and Elk hunts with exceptional and personalized service.

Whitetail deer hunting at DEA Ranch is an experience every serious hunter should explore. Quality whitetail hunting is the main objective of the management program at the DEA Ranch. We continue to improve our natural genetic pool with regular releases of additional trophy genetics to take our trophy potential to the next level for hunting clients.

DEA Ranch also offers trophy exotic and elk hunting for our hunting clients. Year round hunts for axis blackbucks and several species of trophy rams are available.

Dove hunting can be exceptional offering fast and enjoyable shooting for our clients.

We are surrounded by thousands of acres of grain fields which provide plenty of food for doves in our area. The many lakes located on the ranch draw large numbers of birds onto the property for water and the large trees surrounding the lakes provide the perfect roosting area. This combination of food, water and roost areas can support fast shooting and easy limits.

Spring turkey hunting is exciting and consistent with the large numbers of birds which inhabit our ranch. We work hard improving the turkey population and limit the number of hunts offered to continue improving the turkey trophy potential.

All hunts are conducted by using box blinds; pop up blinds, rattling, spot and stalk and safari style. We will employ any technique which will ensure our clients a successful hunt. While hunting at DEA Ranch you will have the opportunity to enjoy the hunting lodge which is the perfect place to entertain clients, show appreciation to loyal employees or combine a company meeting with a hunt of a lifetime.

Whitetail Class Prices

120 – 139 $2,950
139 1/8 – 149 $3,950
149 1/8 – 159 $5,950
159 1/8 – 169 $6,950
169 1/8 – 179 $7,950
179 1/8 – 189 $8,950
189 1/8 – 199 $9,950
199 1/8 – 209 $10,950
209 1/8 – 219 $13,500
219 1/8 – 229 $15,000
Does $750,00


300″ to 350″ $8,500
351″ to 400″ $14,000
Cow Elk hunt $2,000


2 days/ 1 night – Skeet shooting available – 2 gobblers $950

Ranch Fee & Food and lodging included.


3 days/ 2 nights – Skeet shooting available – All meals and lodging provided $850

See TPWD for bag limit in Live Oak county.

Exotic Game Hunting Trophy Fees

Axis Bucks

29 inches down $2,750
above 29 inches $3,500


Up to 18″ $2,500
18″ to 22″ $3,000
22″ plus $3,500
Bronze $3,000
Silver $4,000
Gold $5,000

Sika Bucks

Bronze $2,500
Silver $3,000
Gold $3,500


Black Hawaiian $3,500
Corsican $3,500
Painted Desert $3,500
White Texas Dall $3,500
Jacobs 4 Horn $3,500
Shooter size $1,250
Trophy sizes $2,500


Mouflon $3,500
Red Sheep $4,500

African Exotics

Addax $5,500
Gembok $8,500
Oryx $5,000
Arabian Oryx $9,500
Waterbuck $7,500
Zebra $9,500
Nyala $9,500
Kudu $15,500
Nilgai $4,500
Blesbok $6,500
Ostrich $2,500
Eiland $7,500
Water Buffalo $4,500
Springbuck $9,000
Red Stag $7,500

NOW Booking Corporate Quail Hunts plus

Quail Hunts

$1000 per man 4 person min.
Afternoon hunt, dinner lodging morning hunt with breakfast and lunch.
30 birds per man per hunt.
3 days 2 night.


$2,000 per man 4 person min.
Afternoon hunt, dinner and lodging.


Breakfast hunt, lunch and an afternoon hunt.


Breakfast, morning hunt and lunch.
30 birds per man per hunt.
Chukar $18 a bird.
Pheasant $23 a bird.

Dove, afternoon hunt with dinner.
$125 per man.
Afternoon hunts, dinner, lodging and morning hunt.
$400 per man.

The Ultimate

South Texas Hunting Experience